Our Prices



We offer lessons Monday through Saturday. If you are new to the farm, we ask that you schedule an evaluation lesson. This will give you an orientation to our farm, as well as giving us a chance to watch you ride. If you have never ridden before, you will need to schedule starter lessons. Each one of these is a one hour private lesson during which you will learn to catch, groom, tack and untack your horse/pony, as well as the beginning stages of riding. After either an evaluation or starter lessons, you would then have the options of a group, semi-private, or private lessons.

Group (1 hour) -- $40
Semi-private (1 hour) -- $50
Private (45 minutes) -- $65
Evaluation Lesson -- $40
3 Starter Lessons (first 3 paid at first lesson) -- $130


Boarding, Leasing, eCt...

Board-Stall -- $635
Board-Field -- $485

All leases include 3 group lessons and leases are only available if you are in our lesson program.


Lease - Stall Full -- $750
Lease - Field Full -- $600
Lease - Stall 3 days -- $495
Lease - Field 3 days -- $475
Lease - Stall 2 days -- $400
Lease - Field 2 days -- $370

Extra Riding (no jumping) - $40 per ride
(must be arranged with Holly or Stacey 48 hours prior to riding)

Ring Rental - $20 (per horse)
Cross Country Rental - $25 (per horse)

Price Sheet

Please check our facebook page before coming to know about ring or cross country course closures.